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Rudd's Pub was built in 1893 and was originally called the "Davenporter" hotel. The name was changed to Rudd's Pub in the 1980's in recognition of the author Steele Rudd.

The hotel itself is quite unique and still retains the character and charm of a hotel from a bygone era. The walls tell a photographic story of days gone by and memorabilia covers the walls and the ceiling. Farming implements from long ago, tools that your great grandfather may of used, bottles, kitchen utensils, books, and many other interesting items too numerous to mention. Tourists have likened it to "eating in a museum".

Steele Rudd (real name Arthur Hoey Davis) lived in Nobby for a period of time and folklore says that he used to sit in front of the fire place in our Heritage room and pen some of his famous "Dad & Dave" stories.

Nobby is also the home of Sister Elizabeth Kenny who pioneered the treatment of infantile paralysis. The hotel has a wall devoted to her wonderful work and she is buried in the Nobby cemetery. We can provide a key to her memorial which is a wonderful tribute to her.

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